Back Pain Prevention for Sedentary Lifestyle

Welcome to a course Back Pain Prevention for Sedentary Lifestyle

Basic Information

This course is based on physiotherapy/physical therapy and back pain prevention in general. It is developed specifically for supporting prevention of back pain and helping you to live healthy.

For who?

  • For anyone who sits most of the day and in generally lives sedentary lifestyle. The course is here to help you prevent back pain. Especially sitting and lack of physical activity leads to back pain which effects 80% of population. 
  • This course is also for everyone who suffer from back pain. It can help you to learn how to sit properly, how to add more exercise into your busy schedule and how to balance sedentary lifestyle in free time. Correct posture and good amount of physical activity are keys not only to back pain preventing but also to treatment.
  • The course can be helpful for anyone who has ever experinced back pain and would like to contionue living pain free

How can it help you?

  • The course can help you with prevention or treatment of back pain
  • You will learn how to adjust proper posture while sitting and which exercise you can during a day
  • You will find out which mistakes to avoid while sitting and when is the right time to take a break from sitting
  • You will learn how to balance sedentary lifestyle in your free time
  • You will know how much physical activity is optimal for supporting your health
  • You will know what to do after all day of sitting to get rid of “stiff” back

Course Content

  • Information about back pain, sedentary lifestyle and how sitting affects human body
  • What does correct posture really means
  • Training of correct posture in sitting
  • How to remind yourself to sit properly and when to take break from sitting
  • Which exercise you can do during your work day (fast and simple)
  • How to balance sedentary lifestyle in free time
  • Short stretching exercise for every day (available for download)
  • Supporting mateirals (available for download) to support you in back pain prevention and more

About the Author

The author of the course is  a physiotherapist Bc. Veronika Pechova, Cert. MDT. Veronika works with patients with acute or chronic back pain as well as patients with other muskuloskeletal disorders. It was her practice which inspired her to prepare this course and share important information with more people than just with her patients. 

How to Purchase?

As this course is hosted on Udemy, you can purchase it directly on their website. For discount (€9.99) you use a code: FYZIOFIT or go directly to this link